• Artists

    The 5 year old artists will work in the style of a famous artist.


In the Artists program, 5-year-olds work as artists in the style of a famous artist. They show which materials you need for it and how you work.

  • Director

    Annemarie Mooren

  • Scenario

    Annemarie Mooren

  • Program content and guidance

    Ellen Windhorst

  • Genre

    Art, Education, Kids

  • Audience

    6+, family

  • Language


  • Episodes

    13 x +/-25 minutes

  • Material

    Full HD incl. M & E tracks

  • Broadcast

    KRO-NCRV,  Netflix: The Netherlands – Belgium

  • Produced by

    Annemarie Mooren Production

Viewing copies with English subtitles available.

Artists – Episodes

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