• Puppy Patrol 2

    Puppy Patrol kids do everything in their power to help people and animals in need.


Puppy Patrol 2

With a great sense of justice Lena (12), Niels (10), Emma (10) and Jesse (6) stand up for the welfare of dogs and other animals from all different backgrounds.

To reach their goal they brave many dangers, and take on those people who have less friendly intentions.

Thanks to their independent, energetic and comical approach, and the hands-on way Lena, Niels, Emma, Jesse and Dapper deal with each situation, every episode has a positive ending.

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  • Director

    Annemarie Mooren

  • Scenario

    Annemarie Mooren

  • Genre

    Youth drama series, Family, Animals, Adventure, Humour

  • Audience

    6+, family

  • Language


  • Episodes

    13 x 25 minutes

  • Material

    Full HD incl. M & E tracks

  • Broadcast


  • Produced by

    Annemarie Mooren Productions in co production with KRO-NCRV

Viewing copies with English subtitles available.

Puppy Patrol 2 – Episodes

Puppy Patrol based upon the bookseries, written by Jenny Dale and published by Working Partners Ltd.

Episode 1 – Wally

When the Puppy Patrol children find out that Wally the dog is ill, they discover that his wealthy owners in the residential neighbourhood aren’t doing too well. Why doesn’t Wally get the operation that he needs? Why does their daughter Charlotte steal dog biscuits and why does their son Kevin run away from home? Will the Puppy Patrol children find out what secret lies behind the gates of the estate?

Episode 2 – Blind Faith

Together with Lena, Niels and Jesse, Emma organises a sponsored walk for guide dogs. When 7 year old visually impaired Isa, her buddy dog Vespa and her 11 year old brother Tim disappear from the group, panic strikes. Will Lena, Emma and Dapper manage to find Isa, Vespa and Tim?

Episode 3 – Skip

When a dog virus breaks out at the animal shelter, all dogs must be vaccinated. But little Skip manages to escape. Everyone’s in panic when Jesse and Emma become ill. This must have something to do with the virus. Lena and Niels go look for Skip, but on the lake that’s easier said than done. Will they find Skip in time?

Episode 4 – The Stolen Horse

Lena and Emma find a horse on an abandoned campsite. There’s no-one around. Who does the horse belong to? Their mother Liza warns the children not to get involved, but of course the Puppy Patrol children want to find out more about it. They discover that the horse has been stolen and will be sold. How can they save the horse without putting themselves at risk?

Episode 5 – Diggers Treasure

When Digger the dog digs up a candleholder on the castle grounds, he puts the Puppy Patrol children into danger. They’re being chased and their home is broken into. When Lena and Dapper go to investigate, Lena is locked up in the basement of the castle. Will Emma and Niels be able to expose the thieves? And will Lena manage to escape with Dapper?

Episode 6 – Dapper is Missing

The loyal dog Dapper stumbles into the back of a truck. No-one at the animal shelter notices it, until Jesse wants to play with Dapper and can’t find him anywhere. In the meantime Dapper is already far from home when the tailboard of the truck is opened. Where must he go? He soon finds out that not everyone is fond of dogs. Things become hard for Dapper when someone mistakes him for a dangerous stray dog. Will the Puppy Patrol children be able to find their loyal Dapper?

Episode 7 – Nora and Danny

Nora and Danny are having a hard time with their ambitious parents, who only think of their own dreams and have forgotten how much fun their child has riding a horse. Will Emma and Niels succeed in getting them all back on the right track again?

Episode 8 – Stray Dog

Emma and Niels find a dog that has been hit by a car. What has happened and who’s to blame? When the Puppy Patrol find out that a certain Lucas is the culprit, they are confronted with a skateboard gang. Lucas tries to become part of the gang and to avoid the Puppy Patrol. But that won’t be easy, because Jesse, Niels, Emma, Lena and Dapper won’t give up.

Episode 9 – Family

When Lena and Niels are riding home on their bicycles, all of a sudden they find a dog, standing in the middle of the road. They follow the dog to a farm, where they find an old deaf farmer who’s injured. The farmer must be taken to the hospital. Shortly after, a stranger appears at the farm, who seems to have mean intentions. Will Lena, Niels, Emma, Jesse and Dapper be able to unravel his plans and stop him?

Episode 10 – Goldy

Liza, Lena and Emma rescue a dog named Goldie from an abandoned warehouse and bring her to the shelter. After Dapper has been kidnapped, Lena gets a mysterious phone call, demanding Goldie in return for Dapper. Why does the kidnapper want Goldie? What’s going on in the abandoned warehouse? And will the Puppy Patrol be able to get Dapper back and discover Goldie’s secret?

Episode 11 – New Neighbours

The chickens at the shelter are being hassled by the new neighbours’ dog, while these same neighbours go to court to get the shelter evicted, because of the noise and odour nuisance. Lena, Niels, Emma, Dapper and Jesse are worried, because they’re afraid that they will have to move. The Puppy Patrol will do everything they can to prevent this from happening. Can the children prove that the new neighbours’ dog is a bother for everyone?

Episode 12 – Polly

Niels starts a dog walking service, but it all goes wrong when little Polly escapes on the beach. Lena and Emma notice that Polly is taken by a man who mistakenly thinks that Polly is his own dog. When Lena and Emma discover that the man is very absent-minded, they take him to the shelter to ask their mother Liza and granddad for help.

Episode 13 – The lost pussycats

All of a sudden Rosie the cat and her kittens are missing. When Lena and Emma go out to find them, they find out that Olaf the miller definitely knows more about it. When they’re investigating on the water, Olaf chases them off. He falls into the water, but apparently he can’t swim. Will Dapper the dog, Lena and Emma be able to rescue him and find Rosie and her babies?

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