• Puck and the lost sheep

    With great ingenuity they know how to find the sheep with the blue dot

puck and the lost sheep, annemarie mooren productions


Puck and the lost sheep

Wanting to help her heavily pregnant mother, Puck (5) inadvertently causes chaos, meaning she has to go and stay with her cousin Stijn (6) at the sheep farm. There, she takes care of the pregnant sheep with the blue dot. But when the sheep doesn’t return after a trip, Puck feels guilty. She takes responsibility and sets out, together with her cousin. With a great deal of imagination and ingenuity, they manage to find the sheep with the blue dot, as well as the new lamb.

Meanwhile, the sheep farm is in a panic, because Puck and Stijn have disappeared. Sheep dog Pink manages to trace the scents of Stijn, Puck, the sheep and the little lamb, and bring them home safely. Then Puck’s mother gives birth to a baby brother, and things couldn’t be better.

  • Director

    Annemarie Mooren

  • Scenario

    Annemarie Mooren

  • Genre

    Youth series, Drama, Kids, Animals, Adventures, Comical

  • Audience

    6+, family

  • Language


  • Episodes

    5 x 9’30 minutes

  • Material

    Full HD incl. M & E tracks

  • Broadcast


  • Produced by

    Annemarie Mooren Productions in co-production with KRO-NCRV

Puck and the lost sheep – Episodes

Episode 1 – Puck and the lost sheep

Five-year-old Puck tries to help out her mother. However, despite her best intentions, the situation gets completely out of hand. She consequently has to stay at her cousin’s, Stijn, in The Sheep’s Cage. There she discovers the sheep with the blue dot.

Episode 2 – Puck and the lost sheep

The blue-dotted sheep has a little lamb in her belly and that why Puck and Stijn will take really good care of her. However, when at the end of the day the sheep with the blue dot is missing from the herd, Puck starts to panic. Where did the sheep with the blue dot go?

Episode 3 – Puck and the lost sheep

to look for the blue-dotted sheep. However, before too long they get lost. Pink the dog starts to worry and alarms Bert and Marja, Stijn’s parents. But do they have any understanding of what Pink is trying to tell them?

Episode 4 – Puck and the lost sheep

Puck and Stijn are wandering around in the forest, looking for the blue-dotted sheep. Puck has a great idea. She is going to call out for the sheep. Will they be able to establish contact with the sheep?

Pink the dog is tasked to go and find the children together with Bert. Will Pink be able to find the kids?

Episode 5 – Puck and the lost sheep

Puck and Stijn follow the sound and find the sheep. However, they discover that she is not alone…

Bert loses Pink. What will happen next? Bert panics and start to call out for the children louder and louder. He hears his own voice resounding in the forest. Will Bert find the kids and safely bring them home, where they will be in for a big surprise.

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