• Forest Secrets

    Children discover with their great imagination the most beautiful adventures in the Forest.

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Forest Secrets

There is always something going on in the forest of the bush monkeys.

In each episode two new children come to play with the things from the secret box. They discover the most beautiful adventures with their great imagination. The curious bush monkeys look their eyes out and also feel like participating.

  • Format

    Annemarie Mooren

  • Scenario & Directed by

    Annemarie Mooren

  • Design & Production Wooden Monkeys

    Annemarie Mooren

  • Genre

    Children’s Docu-Drama, Family, Insects, Discovery, Nature, Fantasy, Humor

  • Audience

    4+, familie

  • Language


  • Episodes


  • Length per episode

    5 minuten

  • Material

    Full HD incl. M & E tracks

  • Broadcast


  • Produced by

    Annemarie Mooren Productions in co-production with KRO-NCRV

Viewing copies with English subtitles available.

Forest Secrets – Episodes

This series is a special combination between scripted puppetry and non-scripted live action.

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