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    Children do everything they can to save animals and people in need.


Puppy Patrol

Puppy Patrol is a children’s dramaseries about the adventures that Mark (12) and his dog Max, Tessa (10) and Sara (5) Bouwman have with the dogs that stay at their parents’ dog guest house.The dogs always bring their own stories, and that’s where our stories begin!

With a great sense of justice Mark, Tessa and Sara stand up for the welfare of dogs from all different backgrounds. Together with the dogs they fight for a world that is better for animals. To reach their goal they brave many dangers, and take on those people who have less friendly intentions. Thanks to their independent, energetic and comical approach, and the hands-on way Mark, Tessa, Sara and the dogs deal with each situation, every episode has a positive ending.

The series is characterized by stories that paint a picture of children’s perception of their direct environment, and the society in which they grow up. The children play an active role in a positive ending to each episode. Identification, justice, loyalty, friendship, equality, independence and humour are important elements in the series.

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  • Director

    Annemarie Mooren

  • Scenario

    Jan Harm Dekker

  • Genre

    Youth drama series, Family, Animals, Adventure, Humour

  • Audience

    6+, family

  • Language


  • Episodes

    13 x +/-25 minutes

  • Material

    Full HD incl. M & E tracks

  • Broadcast

    KRO-NCRV, Netflix: The Netherlands – Belgium

  • Produced by

    Annemarie Mooren Production

Viewing copies with English subtitles available.

Puppy Patrol – Episodes

Based on the series Puppy Patrol, written by Jenny Dale and published by
WorkingPartners Ltd.

Episode 1 – Bella, where are your puppy’s?

A beautiful beagle has been missing for months. Mark (Tom Hortensius) and Tessa (Maud van Haasteren) think they have found her. But the missing dog was with young and the pups are nowhere to be found. Have they perhaps been stolen?

Mark certainly thinks so, and he is determined to track down the dog kidnapper before it’s too late…

Episode 2 – Lucy Rescued

Lucy, old mr Donkelaar’s collie, needs a new home. Mark and Tessa are sure he can stay at their Dog Guest House The Wagging Tail. But then Lucy goes missing, and at the same time a farmer reports the attack on one of his sheep. Lucy is now accused of being a killer. Mark and Tessa only have a few days to prove Lucy is innocent. If they fail, the dog will be lost forever…

Episode 3 – Jess finds her boss

Jess is the strangest dog Mark has ever come across. She was left at the guest house by her owner, appears to be very well trained and behaves like a real tracker dog. Who is her mysterious owner? Will he ever come back, or has Jess been left behind for good?

Episode 4 – Two terriers missing!

Pepper and Candy are two of the most spoilt dogs in the neighbourhood – and they have matching owners! Unfortunately for Mark he now has to take care of them. But after a mysterious break-in at guest house the two dogs are missing. Mark is in deep trouble. Will he be able to find Pepper and Candy before their owners return?

Episode 5 – Boris the tracker dog

only probleem is his former owner was a criminal… When police sergeant Maarsbergen is looking for a new police dog, it’s up to Mark and Tessa to convince him that Boris is the perfect candidate for the job.

Episode 6 – Finding Tiger

Farmer Grijs’s dog Tiger has gone missing. Mark and Tessa are certain that the Grump brothers and the Dog Fighting Gang are behind it. They go out to find evidence – and Willy Grump, because he might help them!

Episode 7 – Ben on the loose

Manon Kerstens’ dog Ben, a big, wild bobtail, is not exactly making any friends on the new housing estate. Ms Pears, Manon’s grumpy neighbour from across the street, is the owner of spoilt poodle Sasja, and she and her dog can’t stand the sight of Ben. But then Sasja is missing and Ben gets the blame. Can Mark, Tessa and Manon find the dog before it’s too late?

Episode 8 – Tuffs Luck

When the children’s farm closes down for the night poachers are taking the rabbits that are held there. Mark and Tessa try to catch the poachers, but when Max disappears things become dangerous.

Episode 9 – Rico where are your friends?

Lady Iris Verhuell, an elderly spinster, has seven stray dogs. And they’ve all been kidnapped!
Sara is the one who finds out that the kidnapper isn’t a stranger.

Mark, Tessa, Sara and Max have to come up up with a solid plan to get the dogs back. And they want the kidnapper to give himself away. How are they going to bring this adventure to a good end?

Episode 10 – Puppy Love

There’s a wolf being hunted in the woods. Mark and Tessa find out that it isn’t actually a wolf but a wild Husky with puppies. They head off into the woods on a search and rescue mission and come face to face with the hunter, who is just about to shoot the dog! Will they be able to rescue the Husky?

Episode 11 – The kidnapping of Bling

Mark, Tessa, Sara and Max are home alone when they have to deal with a crazy paparazzi photographer who kidnapped the dog “Bling’of the famous singer Britney Twopper. The photographer is very keen on taking stupid romantic photos from Mark and Britney’s daughter Sterre for the gossip magazines in exchange for the dog.

Episode 12 – Lucky’s secret

At the riding school everyone gets terribly worried when almost all the horses are infected with a deadly virus. When Max also appears to be dangerously ill after a day at the riding school, Mark and Tessa start their investigation. They find out that the woman they suspect is importing dogs from Spain with illegal papers and without them having been vaccinated – and thy carry the deadly virus! But how can they prove this?

Episode 13 – The disappearance

Sara and Max suddenly vanish into thin air at the marina. The mysterious boat ‘de Westmeer ’which has left the marina, appears to have something to do with it. Mark and Tessa must find their sister Sara and their dog Max before their parents get back, but how?

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